Just Cause 3 Confirmed for 2015

After many whispered rumours of it going free to play, Avalanche Studios has finally announced that Just Cause 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2015. This news came as the game is this month’s featured game on the cover of Game Informer, who have had hours of time to play this latest iteration in this high action sandbox series.

In this third game, you are tasked as Rico Rodriguez as he sent to a fictional Mediterranean archipelago to grapple, parachute and shoot copious amounts of bad guys. We’ll no doubt learn more about the game’s setting in the coming days but that’s all we know as of now. According to Avalanche, the game will feature much improved grapple and parachute controls, as well as a wingsuit that Rico can use for even greater aerial maneuverability and the game will not be free to play.

Expect more news on this hotly awaited sequel as we learn more in the coming months.