16 Free DLC Packs are Coming for The Witcher 3

As opposed to the usual doom and gloom that comes when discussing DLC packages, CD Projekt RED has announced that 16 pieces of downloadable content for the Witcher 3 will be free to everyone, no matter what edition of the game you buy or if you pre-order or buy on launch.

This is across all platforms and it starts from the 25th of February, with the Temerian Armour Set (horse armour included!) and a Beard and Hairstyle set for Geralt. From that point on, two more DLC packs will be released every week until all the content has been dispensed. No news if there will be then more substantial, paid DLC later down the line but it is nice to know CD Projekt RED is not trying to pull a fast one on its fans.

Keep an eye out for more Witcher 3 news as we steadily approach the game’s February release date.