DayZ Vehicles Information and Vine Revealed

DayZ’s longest awaited feature is finally on the horizon, as new information shows progress on vehicles.

DayZ has been available for just under a year now, and one of the main features that players have wanted since launch, is drivable vehicles. With regular blog posts keeping fans up to date with the progress of DayZ, vehicles are still one of the aspects that so many people are waiting on. In the latest blog post, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny reveals that they have finally got a working V3S truck, but warns that players should not hold out hope for an advanced vehicle experience just yet. He does however mention their “main focus now is to bring the initial implementation to the public as soon as possible”. Check out the rest of the blog post here.

To coincide with the information, a Vine was posted on Nespesny’s twitter a few hours prior to the blog post showing the aforementioned truck in action, which you can watch here.