Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Mouse Announced

Logitech are at it again but this time with a twist. Love League of Legends, DOTA or any other variation of a MOBA? Then the G302 Daedalus Prime could be just the right thing for you. As the mouse showcases metal spring tensioning system which is meant to improve click responsiveness which in turn gives you faster more accurate in game actions.

We built the Logitech G302 to meet the performance needs of the best eSports athletes in the world”

“The G302 is the best mouse for MOBA gameplay combining comfort and durability with some of the most advanced technology available. It withstands the rigors of the highest levels of gaming, and enables extremely fast clicking and precise timing, which is critical, given that a victory or loss can be determined in milliseconds

– Vincent Tucker, director of Logitech gaming.

The G302 Daedalus Prime buttons are able to register up to 5 clicks per second which for a MOBA player is crucial as they love to click even if it is in the same place 5 times. This rapid fire clicking allows to well, always be in control of your character.

As with any Logitech mouse it has programmable buttons and this has 6 different ones you can change to match your needs for each game. From one button clicks to complex macros it is all there for you to have a play with.

The most important factor for a MOBA gamer though is the primary buttons. Good news everyone! They have been tested for more than 20 million clicks which is the equivalent of an eSports athlete playing up to 15 hours per day for two years. No more lift click wearing. Go nuts and click away as much as you like.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in November 2014, for a suggested retail price of £39.99. Not really breaking the bank.

It all sounds great on paper but we will have to see how it holds up against League of Legend and Diablo III in our full review of the G302 Daedalus Prime. Check back soon to see how it fairs. Oh, here are some more pictures for you to drool over if you like the sound of it.