Zombies Mode To Return in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

A leaked trailer last week had seemed to have revealed Zombies Mode returning to Call of Duty, the trailer wasn’t up very long before being shot back down. However, confirmed by an email from GameStop, Zombies mode will be returning to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Zombies fans rejoiced, and went into a rage soon after. The Zombies mode will come as DLC with the purchase of Advanced Warfare’s $49.99 Season Pass. While it has not been stated whether or not Zombies mode will become available as DLC without the purchase of the Season Pass, for now it seems that will be the only way to get it.

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass will come with 4 Map Packs,  as well the new Zombies mode.

How do you feel about Zombies mode being tied to the Season Pass? Will it affect your decision to purchase a Season Pass or not? Let us know in the comments!