Nosgoth’s Closed Beta Cup Starts In November

Nosgoth, the multiplayer shooter based on the lore of the Legacy of Kain franchise, will be getting competitive this November, as Square Enix has today announced the arrival of the Closed Beta Cup Series.

Beginning on November 9th, players will be able to compete as a team for prize pools in weekly and monthly competitions thanks to ESL. This is a step toward achieving Nosgoth’s e-sports ambitions, which is something that Game Director Corey Davis was excited to realise:

”We believe Nosgoth offers a compelling competitive gaming experience and has the potential to be successful as an e-sports title, as such we’re making the tools to facilitate competitive gaming and are excited to see how this is received by the community.” 

Developed by Psyonix, Nosgoth is an asynchronous, free-to-play multiplayer affair which puts players in four-on-four, human-versus-vampire battles. Humans pack the ranged firepower while vampires use melee attacks and other special abilities such as flight to kill their enemies. Square Enix and Pysonix have prided themselves on the balance philosophy on the items and weapons in the game’s store, calling the weapons you can buy “side-grades” as opposed to upgrades.

Nosgoth has been in closed beta since earlier this year, and Psyonix has been updating the game periodically ever since. In the latest update, Psyonix has added NosCam, a replay feature that will allow players to record matches and freely move the camera during the replay so they can see where they made mistakes. Private Matches are also arriving which will allow five-versus-five matches, certainly upping the chaos.

If you fancy forming a team and taking part in the battle for vampiric glory, you can go to the main signups page here.