Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Adds Megaman to its Crossover List

In what seems to be an endless list of character crossovers for MH4U, you can now equip your feline companion with classic Megaman armour, complete with a Rush Coil hammer. In a trailer released by Capcom, a Palico (formerly called a Felyne) can be seen sporting the Blue Bomber’s classic outfit, as well as beating up monsters with the 8 bit hero’s trusty dog as a weapon.

This makes so that in Monster Hunter 4, not only can you wear Samus’ Power Suit whilst wielding the Master Sword, but you can have your companion dressed as Capcom’s old mascot as you slaughter giant monsters. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is turning out to be a pretty awesome game by the sounds of it.

Check out the reveal trailer below and check out our own preview of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from EGX as well: