Football Manager 2015 Date and Features Announced

Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe have revealed the release date for Football Manager 2015. As well as this anticipated date, many new improvements have been announced for the latest instalment in this popular management series.

Major changes to the series include a revamped user interface, manager personalisation options and Twitch integration. The match engine also sees more upgrades – with stadiums improved, lighting enhanced and player animations reworked thanks to motion capture. For a full breakdown of the announcement, Sports Interactive released a video on Youtube featuring studio director Miles Jacobson explaining the changes.

The improvements to the user interface implements easier navigation, with a sidebar allowing access to the key tools. This redesign contributes to a new look and feel to the series, with features more accessible than ever in Football Manager 2015.

Players will be able to personalise their manager thanks to new options before starting a save in Football Manager 2015. Through a series of choices, namely coaching badges, footballing experience and attribute selection, the player will be able to determine whether they wish to be a ‘Tracksuit’ or ‘Tactical’ manager. This innovation allows for a mix of the two extremes, ultimately impacting the manager they are. ‘Tracksuit’ managers will be able to take part in training sessions, a first in the series.

Along with all these gameplay announcements, the release date for Football Manager 2015 was revealed. The game will be available on PC, Linux and Max on November 7th, with Beta access available prior to that date through pre-order.