Persona Q: Trailers for P3 Story, Junpei & Zen Unveiled

Not content with revealing the launch trailer for Persona 4 Arena Utlimax, ATLUS have now unveiled three all new English language trailers for their Nintendo 3DS debut Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth. The first reveals how the main characters from Persona 3, better known as SEES, arrived in the Velvet Room that connects the past and future. It also features a small teaser of the first labyrinth, and another womanizing response from Teddie.

The next trailer to be revealed features Zen, who is exclusive to Persona Q. He doesn’t use a Persona for battle, but placing him on the defensive side of the battle will certainly benefit, as he uses powerful elemental spells and a crossbow to deal long range damage to his opponents. He seems to be very defensive when it comes to his friend Rei, and cannot seem to remember what he is destined to do.

Finally, it is the turn of Stupei: Ace Defective, or Ace Detective Junpei Iori to given the spotlight. In regular battles, he uses a two handed weapon, but with Hermes, his Persona, and fire based elemental spells, he will easily fit into the front or back line of your character roster. He may come across as a joker, but he cares deeply about his friends, even though they sometimes tire of his antics.

Are you excited to play this unique blend of Persona and Etrian Odyssey when it arrives in November? Let us know what you think in the comments below.