SteelSeries announce Siberia V3

This week SteelSeries have announced the newest edition to the Siberia headset lineage, the Siberia V3. The Siberia headsets have always been a staple product for SteelSeries and are known for their high quality and comfortable use.

The Siberia’s staple ‘classic suspension system’ makes a welcome return in the V3 meaning that the ease of use and comfort is still very¬†central to the Siberia’s appeal. The suspension system means that there is no manual adjustment needed for any user when putting on the headset, it will just fit comfortably on anyone.

The improved ear cups are made from noise-reducing memory foam. Memory foam moulds itself to the shape of whatever it’s touching meaning it will give ultimate comfort around the ear while also giving an improved seal around your ears cancelling out a lot of noise.

The V3 is designed to be used anywhere and me the only headset you need. With a standard 3.5mm plug on the cable accompanied by a 2 x 3.5mm plug PC adaptor, the V3 can be used on PC, Mac, Mp3 players and even your PS4 with an XBOX One version coming soon.

The Siberia V3 has some big shoes to fill, as you can see from our Siberia V2 Head Edition review, we think very highly of the Siberia line here at VGU and we look forward to trying out the V3 very soon.