Codemasters Release F1 2014 Features Trailer

Codemasters have released a new gameplay trailer for F1 2014, highlighting action and displaying new features to the series.

The trailer promotes the new tracks and intense action promised within the game, and reiterates the fact that F1 2014 is the only game based on the ‘world’s number one motorsport’. In line with this theme, the trailer accentuates the top drivers within F1 2014 in comparison to the quality of their real life equivalent.

As touched upon in our preview of F1 2014, the trailer introduces the new Driver Evaluation System as a method of gauging the skill of the player before setting them loose in the game. Also trailed is new options for the career mode, making the game more accessible for the more casual F1 gamer.

Players will have the choice of whether or not they wish to play through every session in a career, as well as the more common options of turning driving aids on/off for a customized simulation experience. With aids off and difficulty at the highest possible setting, F1 2014 promises to be the most realistically challenging game based on the motorsport series yet.

F1 2014 will arrive on the 17th of October for Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3. Codemasters will move into next-gen consoles with F1 2015, which will be available next year.