Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Attila

In news from Creative Assembly, they have announced the next installment in the Total War series, called Total War: Attila. The game will allow you to play as the infamous ‘Scourge of God’, as you grow the Hunnic Empire and wage war on the dying Roman Empire at the beginning of the Dark Ages.

One of the main features of this new entry in the franchise is the power of fire, with players being able to set buildings ablaze during battle or rout enemies with the heat. You can now raze cities and even entire regions, allowing you to cement your ruthlessness. The game will also have an overhauled UI, with various mechanics like the family trees, politics, civic progression and other things improved based on the feedback from Total War: Rome II.

You will also be able to play as the Roman Empire and defend against the forces of Attila, but with a severely weakened political system and threats by other barbarians. The game will be released on PC and Mac in February 2015 and check out the announcement trailer below: