Ace Combat Infinity & Soul Calibur Lost Swords Release Cross Over Items

Fan of Bandai Namco? Like Free-To-Play games? Then why haven’t you been playing Ace Combat Infinity and Soul Calibur Lost Swords!? Both titles have recently gained some cross over items that can help you customise your experience.

In Lost Swords, fighters will be able to equip the Triangle Bikini (Blue) to be equipped by one of your favourite characters. Aces can look forward to having an exclusive emblem to put on their planes, in the form of Sophitia.

If you want to get these exclusive items then all you have to do is download and boot up both games before October 15th. If you have played these games already then you will automatically get these items.

Get into the PSN and get a hold of these titles now. Both are incredibly fun, especially if you are a fan already of the Soul Calibur and Ace Combat series. Since they are Free-To-Play, why not try them out.

So what do you think of these cross over goodies? Will you be getting a hold of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.