Larian Drops Free Companion DLC For Divinity: Original Sin


Free is a good price – a statement Divinity: Original Sin developer, Larian Studios, seems to agree with. The Belgium based indie devs have released a completely free DLC pack for their recent crowd-funded RPG. Titled “The Bear and The Burglar”, it includes two new companions to explore Cyseal with.

Both Bairdotr the Ranger and Wolgraff the Rogue will appear in-game once the DLC is “purchased” through Steam or via an automatic update through GOG, depending on where you purchased Divinity: Original Sin from. Both characters have their own quests and reasons for helping the Source Hunters, as well as bringing their own strengths to the party.

A more in-depth look can be found in the video posted with the Kickstarter update, as well as a peak at future DLC, which will include at least one new dungeon. Judging by the level of the content Larian are teasing, it is possible that the DLC is actually an expansion, going back to the more old-school RPG feel Divinity: Original Sin harkens back to.

Along with “The Bear and the Burglar”, Larian have updated the game to include co-operative dialogue. They also state their plans to port the game over to consoles and improve the game further to support the game for a while longer.

Divinity: Original Sin is available through Steam and GOG, June 30 and the DLC is now downloadable for free.