Nintendo Celebrate the History of Zelda in eShop Sales

To mark the upcoming release of Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo have launched an eShop sale on some classic Zelda titles.

Spanning two weeks, with the first batch of sales coming to an end this Thursday, a total of seven Zelda games could be yours for a knocked down price. Considering how rare Nintendo game sales are, it’s well worth picking up the classic titles now while you have the chance to save a few pounds.

From now until Thursday, September 18th, you can buy:

  • Links Awakening (3DS): £3.59
  • Oracle of Ages (3DS): £3.59
  • Oracle of Seasons (3DS): £3.59
  • A Link to the Past (Wii U): £3.43
  • The Minish Cap (Wii U): £4.49


If you do decide to get one of the above games, then from September 19th you will get a 10% fan discount for Hyrule Warriors, bringing it down to £35.99. On top of this, A Link Between Worlds will also be on sale at £30.99.

So if you’ve got a soft spot for Zelda titles and fancy getting a discount off the digital copy of upcoming title, Hyrule Warriors, then head to the eShop right now and get shopping.