Yu-Gi-Oh! Mega Tin Promos Leaked

Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh!? Are you looking forward to the Mega Tins this month? Well this might interest you. Recently, the promotional cards that come with both the Bujintie Susanowo and Brotherhood of the First Fist – Tiger King styled Mega Tin have been leaked. The each of the tins contain a new rarity of card called platinum secret of the the previously mentioned cards and four super rare cards. Until now the super rare cards have been kept in the shadows. But now they are in the light for all to see.

The promos in the Bujin tin are Bujintie Susanowo (Platinum Secret Rare), Bujin Crane (Super Rare), and Archfiend Commander (Super Rare). As for the Fire Fist tin, the cards are Brotherhood of the First Fist – Tiger King (Platinum Secret Rare), Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Gorilla (Super Rare), and Number 47: Nightmare Shark (Super Rare). The latter two of each tin were only available as Mange promos for the U.S. and Canada. But now Europe can join in on the fun. So keep your eyes peeled for these tins in store and grab yours whilst you can. For more Yu-Gi-Oh! product information, please visit the official website. Game Well.