Paradox Announce Cities: Skyline

Paradox Interactive have announced Cities: Skyline, an all-new city building game. The game will be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux and will be developed by the team behind the Cities in Motion series, Colossal Order.

This latest city sim promises to deliver vast backdrops with endless sandbox gameplay across massive maps. Zoning, building, utilities, beautification, taxation, outreach, transportation, and irrigation are just a number of tasks set to fill your time whilst attempting to construct the city of your dreams.

Alongside all the management aspects of gameplay, the player will be able to progress through a series of civil policies. These will advance the growth of the city by allowing the player to fine-tune placement and direction of districts.

All of this will build up to see the player striving for endgame “wonders”, but the gameplay won’t stop there. Extensive modding is expected, which could mean limitless creation on the horizon within Cities: Skyline. In the announcement Paradox gave 2015 as a rough release date.