Season Pass Confirmed for The Evil Within

Bethesda have announced that a season pass will be available for upcoming survival-horror, The Evil Within. Not cutting any corners, the publishers also confirmed just what you will be picking up with your pass.

There are so far three planned add-ons for the game, all of which have you tackle The Evil Within from a new perspective. The first will allow you to experience the terror from the role of The Keeper, aka Boxman, in a ‘sadistic collection’ of missions. The second and third will make up a two part story-driven experience, as you step into the shoes of Juli Kidman, the mysterious partner of The Evil Within protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos. Juli’s story will see you face new, unthinkable enemies and offers new areas to explore.

The season pass will be available for £14.99, though does come with a warning that the three DLC packs may not yet be available on all platforms or in every territory. To save yourself disappointment, it may be better to wait for the confirmation of just what consoles you’ll be able to get the content on.

The Evil Within launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC on October 14th in North America and October 17th in Europe, with a special pre-order bundle also available. For more information on the game, check out the official website.