Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass Details Revealed

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have revealed details regarding the Shadow of Mordor Season Pass. This announcement has revealed the exclusive content available for players willing to spend that little bit more.

The Pass will grant anyone willing to spend £19.99 access to new missions, early access to a challenge series as well as all future content that will include runes, skins and more.

An exclusive Orc Warband mission titled ‘Guardians of the Flaming Eye’ will pit the player against elite defenders of Sauron in front of the Black Gate. Completing this mission will grant the player the Rising Flame rune.


As well this, the player will have access to all new story missions such as ‘Lord of the Hunt’, a mission that sees the player hunting beasts of Mordor, and ‘The Bright Lord’ which plants the player in the role of the great Elven smith Celebrimbor, tasked with battling the forces of Sauron.

Purchasing the Season Pass will also give players early access to the challenge series known as ‘Trials of War’. This series will allow players to test their skills against select legions of Sauron’s army, competing with other players through the Challenge Leaderboard.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is set for release on the 7th of October.