Guilty Gear Xrd Limited Edition Comes with 6 Button Custom Pad

In news coming from Arc System Works, the limited edition of their new fighter Guilty Gear Xrd will come with a custom six button fight pad. The pad will work on both PS3 and PS4 but at the moment, the pad only seems to come with the PS4 limited edition.

Also, eager Guilty Gear fans will receive a Vocal Collection CD of Guilty Gear which is a first print bonus as well as another unannounced goodie, which will be revealed in the future. No news if this edition will be released outside of Japan as of yet but there will no doubt be an announcement from Aksys Games revealing the European and US release dates, as well as any other details of limited editions.

We know that Guilty Gear Xrd comes out in Japan on December 4th so keep you eyes peeled for news on a Western release in the coming months.