SMITE makes its way to the Xbox One

SMITE, “the battleground of the Gods” has announced that it is on its way to the Xbox One.

Hi-Rez Studios has promised to bring MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) to Xbox One, with their title, SMITE. However, this is not your typical isometric, mouse controlled MOBA, for SMITE is played with keyboard movement, from a third person angle.

For those who don’t know, SMITE puts you in the shoes, sandals or other appropriate footwear of many deities from history. You fancy lobbing thunderbolts? Then play as Thor. You want to trick your enemy? Then chose Loki. You want to spread love and arrows? Then pick Cupid.

It was recently announced at Gamescom 2014 that this Godly showdown game will be making its way to Xbox One in 2015. Though not impossible for other MOBAs such as LoL or DoTA 2 to transition to consoles, it is definitely more suited to the playstyle of SMITE.

Considering that the PC edition of SMITE is free-to-play, it is a safe bet to assume that it will follow this format on the Xbox.