Skylanders Trap Team Coming to Tablets

Activision has recently announced that the amazingly successful Skylanders will now include a tablet release. However, it is not a spin-off or a modified version of it’s console counterparts, it is the entire game of Skylanders Trap Team on a tablet. Activision has promised that the tablet version will share the same amount of content as well as the same graphics of the console versions.

The tablet starter pack includes a portal for inserting your “Skylanders” into the game (Which also doubles as a stand for the tablet), Two playable Skylanders, and two “Traps.” The pack also includes a rather cool looking wireless controller designed specifically for Skylanders. The tablet starter pack is priced at £54.99/$74.99.

All previous Skylanders as well as all the upcoming figures are compatible with the new title as well. Along with a shared October 5th release date (October 10th for the UK), Activision is certainly doing everything in their power to bring the entire “real” Skylanders experience to just about every platform they can get it on.

What are your thoughts on this new console/tablet companionship, and do you think we will see more of it in the future?