Guild Wars 2 Announces September 2014 Feature Pack

Do you play Guild Wars 2? Are you eager to see see how Arenanet can improve and tweak the game? Well look no further as there are updates on the horizon for the successful MMORPG. Recently, they have announced the next Feature Pack to be released for the game and it is to be released in September 2014. Over the next few weeks, the features of this pack will be revealed and the living story will be on a break for those who want to catch up.

So far, the update titles that have been listed for discussion for future dates are as follows:

  • PvP Visual and Rewards Updates, August 14th
  • Balancing Act, August 18th
  • Tricks and Explosive Finales, August 19th
  • Command the Rainbow, August 20th
  • Prepare to Fight, August 21st

There are also two other titles that are placeholders for the next few weeks worth of articles. As the days pass they will be unveiled and more articles will describe what we can expect from the new Feature Pack. So head on over to Guild Wars 2 and catch up on the Living Story and prepare yourself for September. For more details, please visit the official website. Game well.