Fish Streams Pokemon Red/Blue on Twitch

Streaming is a pretty standard thing these days, but letting your pets play your games is a new one by me.

I wish i could say this was a joke, or that this was published on April 1st, but no, it’s an actual thing.

Set up with motion sensors and a button layout, this little fish has drawn in viewers by the thousands with his ability to “Catch em all”. Saving the game multiple times in a row, and apparently beating his rival, this fish is showing up all the other animals that tried to play Pokemon…. Which I don’t think is many.

This little fish, called Grayson, could be the start of an animal revolution. According to the fishes owner, Grayson has been successful in liberating a Charmander from the evil clutches of Dr Oak and naming it AAAABBK, and going on to defeat the Rivals Squirtle. Grayson seems to know exactly what he is doing.

Do you think your pet could do better? There has never been a more opportune time to prove it. Let the Pet Esports begin!

Let me just reiterate this…. This fish plays Pokemon. Check out its stream here