Ganondorf and Adventure Mode Revealed in Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct

In a Nintendo Direct hosted early this morning exclusively for Hyrule Warriors, a multitude of information was announced about the game. The major takeaways from the Direct were that Ganondorf, along with Ghirahim and Zant will be playable in Hyrule Warriors. Ganondorf has a new design for this game, taking aspects from his design in Twilight Princess, the look of Demise from Skyward Sword and mashing them all together to create his new look.

Adventure Mode was also shown, which mixes the original Legend of Zelda’s map with Hyrule Warriors’ action oriented gameplay. You are placed on a map which mirrors the overworld from Legend of Zelda and are tasked with clearing it, by fulfilling unique challenges on each square.  You can find Pieces of Heart and rare items as you quest so it pays to delve into this mode.

To check out the full Direct and learn about absolutely everything that was shown off, check out the video below and look out for our review of Hyrule Warriors in September.