VGU Logitech Stress Test: Logitech G19 Keyboard Rage Fit test

This article had to take some self composure before writing it. We at VGU have teamed up with Logitech to help stress test 3 of their most popular gaming peripherals; the G19 Keyboard, the G430 Headset and the G602 wireless mouse.

The first stress test is titled β€œCan the G19 survive a rage fit?”. A rage fit is what happens when a player gets so mad at a game or themselves while playing a game they go into a fit of rage, smashing up things and generally being angry. This is why this article took some self composure to start with; the original article looked like this.


Yeah this draft didn’t make the cut.

As you can see, this was not something we could publish, so after calming down and clearing my head, now we can finally assess how the keyboard did during my…episode.

So as far as the rage fit survival went, the keyboard still works, like really well. It wasn’t just angry typing that occurred after the game, during the entire game the keyboard was slammed, punched, smashed and even head-butted with anger, and there is no visible damage to be seen. The supporting feet at the rear of the keyboard did however suffer a loss so the keyboard is wonky.


R.I.P little guy, you served us well.

The leg breaking however is not a sign of bad keyboard design, remember that keyboards are not deigned to be used as stress boards or punching bags, the fact that this is the only casualty of the stress testing is something to be praised.

The surprising thing is that the broken leg is from the right side of the keyboard, where the volume cylinder and media buttons are located and they still work fine.

It is also worth mentioning that although the G430 headset was not supposed to be part of the rage-fit experiment it still took part as an unwilling volunteer. After losing a game of CS:GO 16-0!!! Ehm, sorry. I ended up throwing off the headset in a fit of anger. They headset survived without a scratch, as if it hadn’t even been throw, quite possibly due to the folding nature of the ear cups. My monitor however did not get out so lucky.


Yes that’s a scratch! πŸ™

So, did the G19 keyboard pass the rage-fit test? Yes, although sustaining small damage the keyboard still functions at 100% and hasn’t shown any signed of fatigue or ill feeling towards me. The G430 headset also accidentally survived the rage-fit test and in an impressively annoying turn of events, sent the monitor down instead.

At the end of the rage-fit test the only competitor who did not pass with flying colours was the player himself, the gear proved to be sturdy and tough where the user proved to be an unstable psychopath. Rage is a hell of a drug kids, and you and your monitor may pay the price.


Logitech G19 Keyboard: 8 out of 1 leg

Logitech G40 Headset Unt. 1 – 0 Monitor City

VGU Stress Test Score: 8.5/10