Persona 5 Confirmed For Tokyo Game Show?

After it’s brief appearance in a live streaming event some months ago, the fifth installment of the Persona series has seen no further updates. Aside from small quips from the development team, such as the confirmation of a high school setting and breaking the chains of modern society, ATLUS have remained stoutly silent about Persona 5.

That was until an image began to circle the Internet.


There has been no official confirmation that the information in the poster is real or faked, but if it is a forgery, it is certainly a good one because they use the official ATLUS and P Studio logos at the top. The breaking of the chain in the middle definitely paints the picture of a reveal, and with no announced delay apparent, an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show would definitely be consistent with the company’s trend of revealing their games three or four months before their designated release.

Do you think this news is real, or is it a trick of the shadows? Let us know what you think in the comments below.