Survive The Nights Gets Funded And Greenlit.

Survive The Nights is a Zombie Survival Crafting Sandbox game that has recently reached it Kickstarter goal, and made it on to the Steam Greenlit page.

In the ever expanding sea of zombie survival crafting games, it is easy to miss out on the more promising titles. A lot of players may have even lost hope in a fully finished and promising zombie survival game ever making it onto our screens and game playing machines. Many developers and gamers alike are still chasing after the almost mythical idea of a definitive zombie experience.

Survive The Nights is another competitor for the title of ultimate zombie survival simulator. From a small development team based in the UK and USA, a2z(Interactive); is new to the video game development world. Their site identifies that the 5 members of a2z(Interactive); started out as friends who played games online, but soon found themselves designing a game. A true inspiration to any aspiring developers, these friends have managed to grab the attention of those of us who still are waiting on that all encompassing zombie experience. Thanks to the indirect help of famous youtubers, Survive The Nights is quickly gaining more followers and fans.

With loads of intuitive features and intuitive traps to fend off the night based zombie hordes, Survive The Nights is bringing it’s own take on the zombie survival genre.

With Survive The Nights having completed its Kickstarter target, and still two weeks for them to gain more funds from it, it is clear that this game has a lot of elements that gamers are after. Be sure to check out their website and their Steam Greenlit page , and visit their Kickstarter to not only help fund this game, but to secure yourself a copy while it is still cheap.