War Thunder Coming to the Nvidia Shield

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that their MMO War Thunder is coming to the portable gaming console the Nvidia Shield.

The Nvidia Shield users will be able to cross play against the PC, PlayStation 4, MAC and Linux players. This allows for more players around the world to jump in and play together.

“The days of being pious to one platform are dead. We are platform agnostic because we believe that our community demands that they have access to War Thunder on as many platforms as possible. Gamers have many tastes and it is a bad business model to restrict your game to a single platform when your community has ever evolving tastes and preferences and are always on the lookout for the next great gaming adventure,” said Gaijin Entertainment’s Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev.

“War Thunder on the SHIELD tablet will be that next great adventure. It provides our growing community of almost eight million players another amazing option to battle with or against friends and foes in cross platform play across the widest variety of home platforms, mobile devices and VR headsets – more than any other game in the industry.”

The Nividia Shield is the first android based device that can run War Thunder natively like the PC and video game consoles. Due to the Tegra K1 chip and mobile processor it is the only device capable of running War Thunder without lag or frame rate issues.

There is no known release date yet for the Nvidia Shield version of War Thunder but it will remain free to play and allow players to choose from over 400 historically accurate planes and armoured vehicles. Also expect much more being added as time goes on.

If you want to try out the game before it comes to the Shield. Then head over to the War Thunder web page for info or to download it.