Darunia, Princess Ruto and Sheik Confirmed As Playable in Hyrule Warriors

In scans from the most recent issue of Famitsu and confirmed by Nintendo today, Darunia, Princess Ruto and Sheik from Ocarina of Time have been shown as playable characters in Hyrule Warriors. Darunia wields the Megaton Hammer to fight, Sheik uses ninja weapons like kunai in battle while Ruto harnesses the power of water to attack.

Also from the Famitsu scans, Impa’s second weapon has been revealed as a naginata, Lana’s second weapon is revealed to a be a staff which she uses to control the Deku Tree Scrub to fight, while stages based off the Ocarina of Time version Lake Hylia, Kokiri Forest and Death Mountain have been shown. Gohma, the first boss in Ocarina of Time has also been shown as a boss monster.

Along with this, special Ocarina of Time themed costumes have been revealed for Link and Zelda and according to translations of the Famitsu article, the story involved the worlds from Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time colliding as the forces of darkness spread across Hyrule.

Look out for more Hyrule Warriors news as the game’s release date grows ever closer.