Bandai Namco is Partnering with Marvel to Produce Rise of the Incarnates Comic

In news coming from Bandai Namco today, they have announced a partnership with Marvel for the distribution of a 16 issue comic book created for Rise of Incarnates, the new Free-to-Play game developed by Bandai Namco Studios. The exciting new comic series debuts today with issues #1 & #2 in a combined, double-sized volume which will be handed out at both the Bandai Namco booth and Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

For those not attending San Diego Comic-Con, thousands of copies of the special combined issue will be available at approximately 2,500 comic specialty shops supporting Marvel Comics for free beginning tomorrow, July 24th. In addition, the comics will be accessible for free digitally through the Marvel Unlimited Comics App (for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android devices) so that gamers and comic book aficionados around the world will be able to dive into the intrepid storyline of Rise of Incarnates.

Forged by the creators of the Tekken and Soul Calibur franchises, Rise of Incarnates unleashes unfettered combat upon a ravaged world on the brink of destruction. Meteorites falling from the sky and massive cold fronts sweeping across the land represent only a portion of the unending onslaught of catastrophe the future world is faced with. The mysterious “cube phenomena” has enveloped the people of Earth with perpetual fear, and among them are those known as “Incarnates”—humans with extraordinary abilities drawn from Daimones, or spiritual manifestations of the gods, demons, and monsters of the entire world’s mythology.

In the mind of each and every Incarnate there speaks a voice: “To avoid certain destruction, you must defeat the Sovereign of this era.” Each Incarnate will respond to this message differently; some lamenting it as an ill omen for the future, while others relishing the ensuing chaos as a pretext to fulfill their base desires. With their own interpretations and reasons to fight, the Incarnates enter the fray to determine the fate of humanity in a world that will never be the same.

Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy, Marketing & PR at Bandai Namcom Games Europe stated that “Rise of Incarnates is not only an ideal vehicle for dynamic and engaging fighting gameplay, it also possesses an enterprising storyline featuring a destitute world and compelling characters who have untold powers and widely varying motivations to do both good and evil. All of these ingredients come together to create an incredible action comic book series, and we are absolutely thrilled about this partnership with Marvel, as they are an undeniable powerhouse in the creation and distribution of comics.”

Jonathan Rheingold, Vice President of Marvel Custom Solutions commented that “Bandai Namco Games and Marvel working together was a no-brainer. Both companies hold to the highest standards of quality storytelling, artistic talent recruitment and character creation, so it was a natural connection for Marvel to offer its expertise to the legendary video game developer in packaging and distributing the comic book adaptation of Rise of Incarnates.”

What do you think of this news? Are you more tempted to try out the game, knowing there is a comic to go with it? Tell us your thoughts below.