The Walking Dead: Amid The Ruins Trailer and Release Date

Telltale have today revealed the trailer and release date for the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Amid the Ruins will be available to download from next week, with the usual staggered release date across platforms. Here’s all the dates you need.

  • July 22nd – Steam, NA PS3 & PS Vita
  • July 23rd – Xbox 360, EU PS3 & PS Vita
  • July 24th – iOS App Store

Judging from the trailer, Episode 4 is going to be another emotional ride for our survivors, but may also be the most distressing so far. With Clementine seeming to be the only one to keep herself together, we will start to see her question whether she should stick with the friends who weigh her down, or cut them loose and make it on her own. With the mysterious Jane whispering doubts in our young heroine’s ear, just what will become of our innocent little Clem?

No matter what lies ahead, you can be sure that the journey will never be an easy one. Stay tuned to VGU for our review of Amid the Ruins next week.