The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Trailer Incoming, Screenshots Revealed

Telltale have today revealed that The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 – Amid the Ruins is almost here. With a trailer on the way tomorrow it’s just about all we can do to contain our excitement until then, but Telltale have eased the wait by sharing a slightly spoilerific screenshot ahead of the trailer’s release.


Free from the hoard where we left our survivors in Episode 3, in this shot Kenny appears to face losing more than just his sight, as sweetheart Sarita lies helpless while a select number of the group watch on. Of course we are bound to lose at least a few more before the season finale, but I have a sneaking suspicion that just making it through will be a true challenge in Episode 4. Though at least little Clementine seems to be safe and sound, as if there was really any doubt our pint-sized fighter would make it out of In Harm’s Way‘s events too worse for wear.

Be sure to stay tuned for VGU tomorrow for the trailer reveal, and be on the look out for a release date for Amid The Ruins within the next week.