EVO 2014: Twitch JDCR Is Crowned EVO Champion in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In the first final of EVO 2014, Twitch JDCR from the USA has been crowned champion in Tekken Tag Tournament, in a close 3-2 match against Gen from Japan (formally Genkids). Twitch JDCR put in a solid performance, coming from Winners’ Bracket and even getting a Perfect in the final match, using Heihachi and Armour King against Gen’s Bob and Leo.

So, the first champion for EVO 2014 has been crowned. What did you think of the match? What do you think Katsuhiro Harada’s announcement is going to be before the USF4 Top 8 Finals? Stay tuned for more EVO coverage as the tournament continues.

EDIT: Recap the final with the video below.