Fi Confirmed as Playable in Hyrule Warriors

In a preview featured in Famitsu, it has been revealed that Fi, the spirit of the Master Sword who was introduced in Skyward Sword, is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. No word on her moveset and weapon selection yet but hopefully, Nintendo of Japan and Tecmo Koei will release a trailer of Fi in action off the back of this reveal.

Fi Hyrule Warriors

Also revealed in this article in the bottom left corner, are alternate costumes for Link and Zelda based off their Skyward Sword designs. As well as this, a new weapon has been announced for Link, being the Spiked Ball weapon which appeared in Twilight Princess.

So what do you think of this announcement? Personally, I found Fi incredibly annoying in Skyward Sword and would have preferred that a character like Medli or Nabooru to be included but it is nice to see the sheer number of female playable characters that are in Hyrule Warriors. Keep a look out for more Hyrule Warriors news as we approach the September release date.