Rivals of Aether Announced

From the people who brought you Super Smash Land, comes a brand new 2D fighter called Rivals of Aether. Inspired by fighters like Super Smash Brothers, Rivals of Aether cast you as a Rival, a creature which channels one of the 4 elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water to fight for dominance of their homeworld of Aether. Each Rival has its own moveset and playstyle, drawing upon their unique element to manipulate the battlefield and defeat their enemies.

Rivals of Aether offers up to 4 player battles, with players duking it out in free for all, 1v1 or 2v2 matches. You can also fight by yourself in Abyss Mode, which tasks you against waves of shadowy fighters to place on the Rivals of Aether leaderboards or in Rivals Mode, which has you learning more about your character and the secrets of Aether. So far, only 2 characters have been announced in the form of Orcane, the Puddle Jumper and Zetterburn, the Fire’s Roar. Expect more Rivals and information to be revealed as development continues on the game. Check out the trailer below and keep your eye on Rivals of Aether, ahead of its 2015 release.