Free One Piece: Unlimited World Red DLC On The Way

To celebrate the launch of One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Bandai Namco have kindly offered up the first of their DLC quests for the wonderful price of nothing.

The new quest, Red Stands Alone, will offer an extra challenge for players with tougher enemies in a higher difficulty threshold. Promising a completely new set up along with some familiar faces, Red Stands Alone will be a nice glimpse into the kind of experience we can expect from the future Unlimited World Red DLC packs, which will, presumably, not be quite so free of charge.

If you are interested in what Unlimited World Red has to offer in future, you can already pick up the complete Season Pass on the PS Store, which will give players access to 16 new quests and 12 costumes to enjoy over the coming months. However, if you’re still on the fence about picking up Unlimited World Red, be sure to check out our review for a little helping hand.