The Dead Linger Gets Visual Overhaul

The Dead Linger has received a graphical update that claims to improve performance, as well as all new features.

One of the more promising sounding zombie survival games in development at the moment is The Dead Linger, a Kickstarter funded multiplayer game currently available on steam.

Though it’s development is slow, and much like other early access titles, has plenty of issues, it still manages to entice with its unique features. One such feature being the abilities to build free form barricades. What this means is that you can place a piece of wood over a door, and hammer it in any position. Not only that, but you can use that same mechanic to build your own custom buildings. The freedom to attach planks to pretty much anything allows you to create whatever you can think of.

In the latest update, Build 14 -Eye Candy Saga, The Dead Linger saw a complete graphical overhaul, that lead to not only a much nicer looking game, but a much more optimised one at that. In the latest Dev Vlog, Lead Designer, Geoff Keene, mentioned that the changes with the latest update had triggered a 180% performance boost. Also mentioned, was a huge backlog of content to add, that they want to push out with caution.

The sheer fact that there has been a performance increase at all is proof to me that the developers are doing something right.

For the full patch notes, or to find out more about the game, visit The Dead Lingers website.

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