The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Set To Cry Wolf Soon

Telltale Games have been running two series side by side for the last few months, but now it seems we will be seeing the end of The Wolf Among Us sooner than we expected. The episodes usually alternate release with The Walking Dead Season Two, but this time it appears that Telltale have decided to focus on ending Bigby’s story, before they finish Clementine’s.

The final episode of The Wolf Among Us is named Cry Wolf, and is announced by the developer to be coming soon. By previous experience, this means that the episode could be released in the next two weeks, but until Telltale announce the date for certain, our guesses are just wishes on the empty magic lamp in Fabletown’s business office. As soon as the company reveals the date, you can be sure that VGU will let you know.

Are you excited to see Bigby’s final adventure for this series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.