Latest Wildstar Devspeak Explores New Content

Wildstar Devspeak videos were around long before the games launch and they teased us with what we could expect when the game finally released. Each video would sign off with the line “And remember, the Devs are listening”. I’m happy to say that they have kept their promise so far and continue to listen to player feedback along with the release their aforementioned extra content.

With a Wildstar Flick for “Strain” popping up last month, revealing the newest edition to the Wildstar Universe, in the form of extra loot drops, entire new areas to search and new costumes and housing items. 

The latest video however is in the form of one of their earlier Devspeak videos that explains a lot more about what to expect form the next big update.

It’s encouraging to see that the Developers at RCarbine are continuing their connection to their gamers, and that their is new content on the way.