Yu-Gi-Oh! Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set

Are you a fan of the Arthurian legend? Do you like cards games? Well you are in for a treat. Coming soon, to support Yu-Gi-Oh!’s already existing Arthurian “Noble Knight” archetype they are releasing a special box set. This box set is to contain new cards, new rarities, and much more.

To be released on 21st November 2014, Konami will be giving even more support to the beloved Noble Knights. This archetype first made an appearance over two years ago in the Galactic Overload booster set. Now, the deck is able to top tournaments all over the world. This box set includes an all foil, pre-constructed deck of the archetype featuring the new platinum rarity, new cards like Merlin, a new Noble Knight monster, and a new spell cards, three power-up packs, a pack of 70 themed sleeves, and a rubber themed game mat.

So, as it stands this seems a very honourable box set to acquire and will be highly sort after from fans. Keep your eyes out for this product that will be available in November. For more information, please go to the official website. Until then, game well.