SKARA The Blade Remains In Last Week Of Kickstarter

SKARA The Blade Remains is a new title in development, that features fast paced multiplayer combat. Developed on the Unreal 4 engine, SKARA not only looks beautiful, but it also utilises Unreals latest technology.

Based around 16 player battles, SKARA brings a kind of brutality that wouldn’t feel amiss in games such as God Of War. Breakneck attacks and counters make for an interesting display of skill, and with the ability to customise your moves, you can count on there being different fighting styles to suit each player.

Attempting to mix aspects of the versus fighter genre and multiplayer games into one, it is easy to see how SKARA could be the pioneer in a new style of fighting game.

Having been given the Greenlight from Steam in just over a week, and being a free to play game, it is easy to see that SKARA is a title that many want to play. However with one week left on the Kickstarter and just over $5,000 to raise, there is still a chance that SKARA won’t reach its goal. Visit their Kickstarter page to pledge your help, or find out more about this brutally beautiful title.