Yu-Gi-Oh! Next Challengers: Denkou Sekka

With the arrival of Pendulums on the horizon for the Western world, we get some news from the upcoming Japanese release of the Next Challengers set. This set is the one that will be released after Duellist Advent for the Official Card Game (OCG). There are rumoured to be more popular archetype and pendulum support as well as cards from the series. But today, the focus is on a card called Denkou Sekka.

These spells and traps... nope.... not allowed
These spells and traps… nope…. not allowed

Denkou Sekka Light Attribute Thunder-Type

ATK 1700/DEF 1000

Cannot be Special Summoned.

(1) If you control no Set Spell/Trap Cards, neither player can Set Spell/Trap Cards, or activate Set Spell/Trap Cards that are on the field.


On the surface, this card has a good attack stat of 1700 to beat of the popular Fire Fist Bear; the effect to nullify any spells and traps upon successfully summon it; and it is a target for honest is all pretty awesome. For balancing, the condition of it cannot be special summoned is fair. However, with the Fire and Ice Hands dominating the format and no real way of protecting it from bigger monsters, this monster can be really hard to keep on the field.

But, who knows, there might be some other cards in Next Challengers that might help out with this problem. Overall, it seems like a good card to side against certain match-ups. But we shall have to wait and see. Until then, game well.