Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Legendary Collection

Are you ready to rev it up? Well I hope so because coming October 2014 there is a Legendary Collection on the way. This time however, it shall be from the 5d’s series. As with recent Legendary Collections, it shall feature a massive Mega-Pack set with never before released cards, and a limited-edition game board.

This set totals at nearly 300 cards which includes cards of varying rarities. These might involve favourite cards of the 5D’s series and/or ones that are used in the competitive scene. The mega-pack itself will be a 9 card pack harnessing 1 Secret, 1 Ultra, 1 Super, 1 Rare, and 4 Commons. It has been mentioned that cards used by Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Crow, and others are to be in this set.

So, keep revving fans. Mark the 10th October 2014 in your calendars for this box will be legendary. Game well.