Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Begins Tomorrow

The Summer edition of Awesome Games Done Quick is almost upon us, promising 6 days of crazy speedruns, lots of money going to charity and all round good work done by the speedrunning community. This year, the charity they are raising money for is Doctors Without Borders and is being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver, Colorado if you want to watch the proceedings live in person.

If not, the whole event will be streamed live on Twitch and on the Games Done Quick website if you want to tune in and donate, and the whole schedule for the event can be found here.

Super Mario 3D World is the first game that will be shown on stream and will start at 12pm MDT (7pm GMT) if you want to watch right from the beginning.

If you want to now more about the world of speedrunning, check out our own article on the topic here.