Guild Wars 2: Season one recap of the Living Story

With the recent conclusion of the first season of the living story in Guild Wars 2, the team at Arenanet have provided a video to recap the story so far. For those who haven’t been following the Living Story or have yet to purchase the game, the recap video is a great way to indulge and catch up with the events in the world of Tyria.

The main topics in the video are the actions and effects of the antagonist Scarlet Brior. This includes the destruction of the world’s main city Lion’s Arch. You can read into detail with this event in our article Battle for Lion’s Arch.

With Season 2 starting on the 1st July, the fun and games seem to be just starting with potentially more dragons coming into play and Attack on Titan esc bosses teased for the future. Please see our article on the future hints on what’s to come.

So what do you guys think? Will there be more dragons? More twists and destruction? And how will Scarlet Brior’s plan affect the world more than it already has? Leave a comment below and game well.