Capcom Now Open to Outside Purchase After Shareholder Vote

In news coming out of a shareholder meeting at Capcom, the company has voted to end its shareholder defense which was set up in 2008, now allowing companies to buy majority stock in Capcom. This move does not affect Capcom as being a third party developer but it does mean that companies like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo can buy out large parts of the company and gain exclusive rights to franchises like Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Okami, Megaman, Resident Evil and so on.

With Capcom not performing well as of late, this move seems like a good step for the company and allows larger companies to do deals to get exclusivity rights to franchises and take them in a new direction. Will we see Nintendo making an offer, giving them the rights to Mega Man and Monster Hunter? Will a developer like Platinum Games try and buy back the rights to Okami and Viewtiful Joe? A lot of things are open with the takeover defense ended, if companies have the cash to do it.

What do you think of this story? What is the future of Capcom now? Comment below with your thoughts and we’ll see how this business decision affects Capcom in the coming months.