Remember FIFA 15? Cause The Players Will

The FIFA series has been a constant fixture in the games industry for many years, but until now, the players followed your every command like an army of benevolent servants. Well the latest entry in the series will introduce a new dynamic that has been started to be introduced into a variety of different franchises. The concept of memories and emotion.

FIFA 15 will allow the players to remember events that have happened on the pitch, and to a certain extent, it will affect the way that they move around the pitch, and how they will perform certain actions and interact with their team-mates and opponents. There is not very much information on the extent that this mechanic will be implemented into the game, and if it will only appear in specific game modes. But one thing is for certain, FIFA 15 will be a title to remember, even if only by the digital avatars of the teams that inhabit it’s code.