Battlefield Hardline Crashes The Internet With Closed Beta Reveal

The leak the other week of Dices new game in the Battlefield series, Battlfefield Hardline, excited fans, but left EA’s conference a bit less exciting. Until they announced, that a Beta of Hardline is starting right now. If like me you’ve been hitting refresh to claim your beta access, then good for you, if you need to start hitting Go to for your chance to sign up. However the beta is only launching on PS4 and PC, so not much to be excited for, for the Microsoft players, though they can sign up now, for access at a later date. For any who haven’t seen yet, Battlefield Hardline, is taking the franchise to the streets in a cops and robbers style. Allowing for car chases, grapple hooks and ziplines…. You had me at grapple hooks and ziplines.