Nether Now Fully Available on Steam

It is always a worry when you buy a “early access” title. Will it ever be finished it the thought on a lot of peoples mind and Nether has become one of those games to come out of early access.

Nether is now available as a full release for $14.99/ £10.99 / EUR €13.99 To celebrate all players logging in after June 5th will receive a potion that grants the ability to play as a Nether and golden chest keys to open rare loot boxes that contain valuable survival items. Additionally all guest keys have been replenished and players will earn one Gold coin for each key that is redeemed.

“Since launching early access, we’ve continually worked with our rabid community to drive development of all the features that make Nether a survival gaming experience unlike any other,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “We never knew what Nether would look like at full release and we have been constantly amazed at the player enthusiasm to help create a solid game.”

Nether is a survival horror games which does not have Zombies (hurray!). In a pretty unforgiving environment you have to scavenger and defend yourself in a post-apocalyptic urban world. The relentless (and I mean will chase you until you die, relentless) teleporting Nethers are the main enemy in the game. Well, second to the other players.

To find out more about the game head over to or to buy it head to their Steam Page. I will be waiting for you with my scope and massive empty backpack.